Parish Council Responsibilities

Cofton Hackett Parish Council represents the residents within its parish, it aims to improve the life of the residents by providing services within its powers. It is a corporate body, independent of its members and can only operate within its statutory powers. The Council has statutory duties, which it must discharge, and discretionary powers, which it can choose to exercise if it wishes.

Your Parish Councillors are holders of a public office and can only be elected as a Councillor if they satisfy the statutory requirements for Local Councillors. Councillors are not volunteers and are entitled to receive payments for expenses (although they often do not). Councillors are expected to represent the views of residents within the Parish they represent and make an effective contribution to the operation of the Council. They must attend meetings of the Council (or send written apologies) and should make informed contributions to the Council’s decision-making process.

For the responsibility of other tiers of local government please see the websites of Bromsgrove District Council and Worcestershire County Council.

The Council always welcomes the views of local residents on these and other matters and designates the first ten minutes of each meeting to an open public forum.
Please note: the Parish Council does not have jurisdiction over matters relating to traffic calming.