Traffic Safety Measures in Cofton Hackett

Following on from the public meeting we held back in February, we can now report some progress on the implementation of traffic safety measures in Cofton Hackett.

Firstly, in her role as District Councillor, Cllr Anita Dale has been working with our local policing team who are now conducting a speed enforcement operation using speed guns and body-cams as backup. Results of the operation during the last month, on Barnt Green Road and Groveley Lane, have have led to issuing of tickets to a number of speeding drivers, and written warnings issued to others. During the operation it was clear that drivers were slowing down as they were warned by other drivers. It was noted that police are required to be visible whilst conducting the enforcement. This will continue every two weeks if other commitments allow. Requests to install new 30mph signs on Barnt Green Road have been rejected by Worcestershire County Council.

Secondly, the Parish Council has approved the purchase of 3 Vehicle Activated speed signs, which tell drivers how fast they are travelling together with ‘Slow Down!’ or ‘Thank You’ messages as appropriate. These have been shown to be effective in slowing the speed of traffic. They will be installed on Barnt Green Road (2 signs) and Groveley Lane (1 sign) as soon as we can get the mounting posts installed.

Please contact the Clerk if you require further information.