Latest News

  1. Council News 23.08.2023
    Bilberry Centre News News regarding the Bilberry Centre building on Rose Hill.
  2. Council News 28.07.2023
    Traffic Safety Measures in Cofton Hackett Progress on traffic safety measures in the Parish.
  3. Council News 25.06.2023
    Annual Governance and Accountability (Financial Audit) 2022-23 The Parish Council has made its annual return for the Financial Year 2022-23.
  4. Council News 22.03.2023
    Election of Parish Councillors Parish Councillor Elections - Elections are Uncontested
  5. Council News 26.02.2023
    Public Meeting – Traffic Safety in Cofton Hackett Report on the Meeting held February 23rd
  6. Cofton Village Hall
    Council News 12.12.2022
    Bus Shelter on Groveley Lane Decision on the demolished bus shelter on Groveley Lane.
  7. Governance
    Council News 29.06.2022
    Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2021/22 The Council has submitted its Annual Return, for financial year 2021-22 to the external auditor.