About Cofton Hackett

Cofton Hackett, is a small and hilly parish, covering an area of 1,299 acres. Bilberry Hill (800ft) and Cofton Hill (800ft), part of the Lickey Hills, bound Cofton Hackett on the west. The former evidently derived its name from the Bilberries which grow in abundance on the hillsides.

The village is situated about 9 miles south-west of Birmingham on the eastern slopes of the Lickey Hills. The village is currently small and scattered and comprises some 700 dwellings and an electorate of 1450 persons. This is set to double in size over the next few years as a further 750 dwellings are built on the former Rover East Works site on Groveley Lane.


Features of interest

  • Cofton Hall

    Cofton Hall

    Formerly the manor-house of the Leicester’s and Jolliffes, in which Charles I is said to have spent the night of 14 May 1645. The present building contains the original 14th Century Hall with an open timbered roof.

  • Cofton Lake

    Cofton Lake

    Which is a small feeder reservoir to Upper Bittell reservoir, a feeder of the Worcester and Birmingham Canal, which is partly in Cofton Parish.

  • Cofton Church

    Parish Church of St Michael and All Angel's

    Towards the end of Cofton Church Lane is the Parish Church of St Michael and all Angel’s, said to be built in 1182 as a chapel for Cofton Hall. The Church was substantially rebuilt in 1861 under the direction of the renowned architect Henry Day.

  • Walks


    Around the Parish there are several excellent walks on signposted paths, and the Worcestershire Way, long distance path crosses the Parish.


Parish Boundaries